Monday, June 16, 2014


I arrived back home last week from our trip to DRC.  I returned home physically tired and emotionally drained. Upon returning I tried to type an update but it was difficult to put into words what I was feeling.  I could not seem to adequately describe the trip to Kazimia. 

I could probably describe the physical difficulty of the trip; thankfully compared to our first trip it was much better. It was still torturous but much better.  No, it was not the difficulties of traveling in the remote areas of Congo that caused words to fail me. 

Starting to get crowded on the boat
I could probably describe the joy of serving God together with the team of men who accompanied me.  I have the privilege of serving with some of God’s choice servants.  These are men of character, who have a great love for God and a willingness to sacrifice to be in His service; men with whom I count it a privilege to call them my friends.  

Brother Benard Adjai a faithful member of Grace Bible Baptist Church

Pastor Justus Oloo- there is no one quite like him!

I could probably describe the absolute blessing to travel with my son Timothy and to watch him minister to the Congolese people and to fellowship with them in their language of Swahili.  To see God continue to work on his heart and burden him for this land that has been forgotten by many.  To see him stand before the church and the pastors and listen to him take the Word of God and preach it with conviction and power. 

Timothy preaching and Pastor Oloo interpreting

Yes there is a lot that I could probably describe and help you understand.

But…there are some things that I do not have adequate words to describe.  My words cannot describe the absolute joy in the hearts of those people because God did not forget them and He answered their prayers and sent someone to teach them.  I cannot describe how they sat each day hungering to be taught the Word of God and their expressions of disappointment that we were only staying for five days. I cannot describe their pleadings for us to bring them BIBLES because without them their people will never properly mature. I cannot describe the reminders of hunger, disease, war and death that they face on a daily basis.  I cannot describe their pleading with us to not forget them, to come back soon.  I cannot describe the 45 minute walk from the church building to the shore to catch the boat for our return trip.  I cannot describe the emotion we were all feeling as the congregation walked in front of us, behind us and beside us singing praises to God.  As we stood on the shore and the people sang to us AT CALVARY the emotion running through us was electrifying.  Who were we to have the opportunity to serve such a great God and to minister to such worthy people?  Why did our God give us such a privilege?

Saying goodbye and singing AT CALVARY
This past Sunday I showed the Grace Bible Baptist Church a short video about our trip.  Take a moment and watch the video, maybe it can help give you a little bit of understanding of the great opportunity and the great need in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

                                         WATCH THE VIDEO OF THE KAZIMIA STORY 


  1. A powerful post, Bro. Mickey. It had me in tears. Thank you for posting this and the video as our family missed seeing it Sunday. It blessed my heart, and I sent the link to BJ to watch as well. It is a privilege to work with you and your family. And you are right. The people at Grace Bible Baptist are some of the most Godly, self-sacrificing people I've ever met. What a joy it is to work with them!

  2. Excellent proclamation of God's calling and the needs of those in forgotten places. Thank you Bro. Mickey for answering the call.

  3. God bless you for the work you and the other members of Grace Baptist Church are doing. Watching the video brought tears to my eyes for God answers prayer. May God continue to empower your missions effort and bring blessing to all who hear.