Tuesday, August 1, 2017


One week from today, August 8th, nearly 19 million Kenyans will go to the poll to vote on a president.  Elections in Kenya are always a tense exercise and this election seems to be no different.

It was almost 10 years ago when a Kenyan election very nearly turned into a genocidal war.  Thousands were killed, tens of thousands injured and hundreds of thousands lost everything except their life.  God graciously pulled the country of Kenya back right before she went over the cliff.  Kenya is still suffering and recovering from that election.

We do not believe that this election will be a repeat of 2007 but unfortunately as we get closer to the election date the tension amongst some in the country is growing.  Most Kenyans want nothing more than peace but at times politicians and tribal kingpins have a way of causing people to not think clearly.

In the last couple of days there have been some disturbing events that have taken place that have caused great concern.  Kenya has gone to an electronic voting system for this election.  The man given the task of overseeing this system and ensuring that all the necessary precautions were in place for the vote to be credible was found tortured and then murdered.   There was no effort made to camouflage this killing as an accident, his body was dumped in a place where he was sure to be found.  The killers seemed determined to send a chilling message that they will stop at nothing to ensure the outcome they desire.

We have been meeting together as a church each Saturday morning over the past month asking God for peace in the country and unity in the church.  It has been a special time of prayer for the church and we will continue these prayer meetings as long as necessary.  

We ask that you continue to pray for this election and specifically that God’s hand of protection will be upon all the churches, that they will remain unified regardless of tribal identity.   



Thursday, July 20, 2017

July-August 2017 Prayer Letter

Dear Praying Friends,                                                                                         

On Tuesday the 8th of August Kenya will be going to the polls to elect a new president.   Elections in Africa always seem to have the potential to be volatile and Kenya is no exception.  You may recall that in December 2007, Kenya held an election that went terribly wrong.  It resulted in thousands of deaths and nearly culminated in an all out civil war.  Nakuru, where we live, was at the epicenter of some of the worst violence.   As this election nears we are asking for you to make praying for the Kenyan election a priority.  We are not predicting a repeat of 2007, however there are those who have been saying that the possibility for violence exists.  Almost daily the newspapers are warning people to remain vigilant and have even mapped out areas of potential trouble.  Nakuru, as it always seems, is on that list of a potential trouble area.  As a church we have been meeting together every Saturday morning at 6:30 for a time of special prayer and will continue doing so until after the election.   Our desire is not only to see unity remain in the country, but also unity in the church as we are a church of many different tribes.  We will be posting updates concerning the election on our blog– mickeystokenya.blogspot.com.
I recently returned from a ten day trip to Congo which saw us take that long boat ride to the village of Kazimia.  Praise the Lord, there is a new and a bit more comfortable boat available than the last few times I went.  It’s still a long, hard trip but much more bearable.  We held a week of Bible College classes, teaching on Baptist Church Polity.  In all we had ten churches represented with nearly sixty people taking the class.  It was again an amazing yet humbling experience.  The zeal and dedication and long suffering of the Congolese people, especially those in the trouble areas, is something I can never get over.

Thursday, March 16, 2017


On Sunday the 26th of March the Grace Bible Baptist Church will be celebrating their 20th anniversary.  God allowed us to see this church organized in the very early days of our time in Kenya. This church was birthed by our sending church, the Cleveland Baptist Church.
We have a special service planned and are expecting a couple thousand people in attendance.  We have not tried to have a big day in attendance since our building dedication in 2004.  On that day the crowd was so large we could not effectively minister to all who were on the property.  Since that time we have focused more on building people into a spiritual mature body then on trying to have high attendance days.  We always have visitors and our average attendance is over 400 each Sunday, but our emphasis has been on equipping our people spiritually to properly serve the Lord.  I believe that it is partly because of this decision that God has allowed the Grace Bible Baptist Church to have ministries far beyond what we ever imagined possible.
Preaching for us on this very special day in the history of this church will be our pastor, Kevin Folger.  We are excited that he will again be able to visit Kenya and see all that God has done in this land through a church that was birthed by the Cleveland Baptist Church.  He will also be traveling to the churches in Burundi and DRCongo.
The Grace Bible Baptist Church has birthed dozens of churches in several different countries, been a leader in promoting the cause of missions in Kenyan churches, and setting an example in both giving to missions and sending missionaries.  The church through their missions giving program has given over $115,000 to missions and regularly sends its members to other countries.  The church understands that missions is not just the obligation of “rich” churches, but it is also to be their purpose and biblical mandate
Much preparation is being done for this day but the most important part of that preparation will take place this Friday night.  The church will be holding an ALL NIGHT prayer meeting as we pray for many visitors to attend and for the Holy Spirit to convict those present and bring them to repentance and faith in Jesus Christ.  We will be praying by name for family members, neighbors and friends who have been invited to come to this service.
Although we do not expect others to join us in an all night prayer service, we are asking others to join us in prayer for the 20th anniversary service of the Grace Bible Baptist Church.  Please be part of that prayer team, praying for God to move mightily in Nakuru, Kenya on the 26th of March.

Friday, February 17, 2017


 On Sunday the 29th of January we held the first service of the Habari Njema (Good News) Baptist Church of Kilgoris town.  The beginning of this church was a direct answer to prayer, a prayer that was first offered in 2001, when I knelt with Pastor John Nkome in Kilgoris town asking God to allow a church to be started in this important area that lies in the midst of Maasai country.
The first service saw 144 people in attendance, 38 adults and 106 children. This does not include the 22 people from the Grace Bible Baptist Church, or the 19 people with Truth For Today Medical Missions who were also present for the first service. I had great liberty in preaching and at the invitation time 11 Maasai adults responded to the need  for salvation.  I could not have been more pleased with how things went and I can truly say it was one of the best first service for a new church that we have had.
Pastor John Nkome will be sending several men from his church each week to help Pastor Wilson Ampani during the early foundational period of the church.  We will also from time to time be sending some men from Nakuru to help out.
That week we also hosted the Truth For Today Medical Team led by Dr. Greg Waller.  Dr. Waller is a former missionary to Guyana and understands the way to use medical missions to help to the local churches on the mission field.  This is the third time we were able to host them and look forward to doing it again as they plan to make a yearly visit to Kenya.
During the six days of the medical clinics, the team of medical and vision personal saw over 3,000 patients.  Each patient after being seen by a doctor, was brought to a soul winner who took the Bible and carefully showed them the way of salvation. The response was great and many received Christ.  It was a thrill to my soul to see an army of soul winners trained by the Grace Bible Baptist Church sitting nine hours a day carefully sharing the gospel with people who have had little exposure to the true gospel.
Please keep this new church in prayer as we look forward to it being a strong lighthouse for God among the Maasai community.

Hands raised expressing need for salvation at the first service
Pastor Wilson leading the singing

Djuma(from our church in Congo) leading a Maasai to the Lord

Children's service

Pastors Oloo, Mickey, Nkome and Wilson

Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Dear praying friends,

Tomorrow we will be leaving Nakuru with a group of forty people and traveling to the town of Kilgoris.  We will be accompanied by nineteen people who have traveled to Kenya from the United States with Dr. Greg Waller who heads up Truth For Today Medical Missions.  During our eight days in Kilgoris region we will be holding six medical clinics, offering both medical and vision needs.  Each person who comes to the clinic to be seen by the doctor will also be seen by a soul winner and will be given a clear presentation of the gospel.

This coming Sunday will be the first service of a new church being started in Kilgoris town.  The Habari Njema Baptist Church (Good News Baptist Church) of Kilgoris town is being started as a joint effort of the Grace Bible Baptist Church of Nakuru and the Lighthouse Baptist Church of Olorupa (a village outside Kilgoris).  The Lighthouse Baptist Church is pastored by John Nkome.  We have had a close relationship with Pastor Nkome for sixteen years and have seen him grow and mature in many ways.  He is a long time student in our bible college and has always taken what he has learned and applied it to his church and life.

Pastor Nkome is of the Maasai tribe, and Kilgoris town is a predominantly Maasai town.  The Maasai people in many ways have remained true to their cultural traditions from manners of dressing to ways of living.  Certainly there is nothing wrong with staying true to one’s culture but unfortunately much of the Maasai culture is steeped in animism and ungodliness.  For this reason they are not as evangelized as some of the other areas of Kenya. 

It is our desire to see a strong church planted in the midst of this region that can be a Lighthouse for the cause of Christ.  We are excited about the opportunities to reach deeper into this community for Christ.  Several men have been saved in Kilgoris town and we believe many more will be added to that number.

Please be in prayer for the medical team as the serve the physical needs of these people and be in prayer for the team from Grace Bible Baptist Church as they work to present a clear presentation of the saving grace of Jesus Christ.  Pray especially for this coming Sunday, the 29th of January when the first service of the new church plant will be held.

Grateful for you prayers,

His for Kenya,
And the Regions Beyond,

Robert Mickey Jr. and family