Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Life has its ebb and flow. This phrase means to decrease and then increase, as with the tide. Life has its times of decrease, followed by times of increase.   Ecclesiastes reminds us that there are different seasons and different times for different purposes. The ebbs, and flows of life.

The same thing takes place in churches and ministries, there are times when things seem to not just be going as well as they should and then there are times when the increase is evident.

For a while it seemed that the Grace Bible Baptist Church had gotten into a rut and was somewhat just going through the motions of duty. This was evident in many areas of the church. Whenever this happens in a church, it is always a dangerous time. 

However recently it is becoming evident that the church is beginning to enter one of those times when the blessings are flowing.  There is a growing excitement in the church that can be seen in the people as they serve the Lord in their ministries.  Prayers are being answered and people are recommitting themselves to faithfulness.

This past week saw a number of our church member see salvation decisions made amongst their family members.  It is always a time of rejoicing when someone makes a decision for salvation but it is a little extra special when it is a family member.  I always rejoice in the decisions but I wait until I see the fruit of the decision before I get real excited.  This past Sunday was cause for great excitement as we were all able to witness the first fruit of genuine conversion- baptism.

·       The husband of a church member was baptized.

·       The daughter of a church member was baptized. 

·       The brother of a church member was baptized.

·       The mother of a church member was baptized.

·       A father and daughter where baptized.  

Thank you for your continued prayers for the Mickey family and the work here in Kenya and the Regions Beyond.


Part of our Sunday Morning crowd

Wednesday, September 21, 2016



We continue to ask for prayers concerning our work/resident permit.  It is now seven months late in being issued.  We still believe that there is not any trouble in it being issued, just a matter of disorganization.  We are told that our file has been lost and to date it has not been found.  Two weeks ago I was finally able to talk my way into the “inner” offices where the decision makers work. I was able to explain my situation and found a sympathetic ear.  I was told a “temporary” file would be opened in order for our permit to be issued and when our official file was found they would combine the two.  While in these offices I saw rooms of immigration files piled from the floor to the ceiling.  Maybe there was some organization in the disorganization, but I certainly saw how my file could have been misplaced.


This last Friday we had our annual teachers dinner for all those who serve in the teaching ministries of the Grace Bible Baptist Church.  We have endeavored since the beginning to develop within the church the mandate of the great commission to teach all things.   We are thankful for the fifty church members who involve themselves in teaching others each week.   In total not including preaching, the Bible College and the Christian School, the Grace Bible Baptist Church has thirty four different teaching classes and times. 


Next March we will be celebrating the twentieth anniversary of the Grace Bible Baptist Church.  We will also be in our twentieth year of missions work in Kenya.  We plan to have a special anniversary service remembering this special event.  Our Pastor Kevin Folger will be with us along with many visitors from all over Kenya and other parts of Africa.  We have begun in earnest the preparations for this event.  Please begin praying with us that this special event will produce fruit that remains


One of our most time consuming yet important ministries is the Grace Baptist Academy.  We have 250 students from various backgrounds from several countries. Besides Kenya we have students from Burundi and South Sudan.  One problem we have had through the years is to have someone with the right vision to lead the school. We have done the best we could but recently God has begun to lead us to pray more earnestly about someone coming to help lead the school.  Maybe there is a school teacher or possibly a retired teacher that God would have come to Kenya to help in this needful ministry. Will you pray with us about this? 

Wednesday, September 14, 2016


This past Friday we reserved an area restaurant for the Grace Bible Baptist Church annual teachers dinner.  All those who volunteer to teach others the Word of God fellowship together over a nice meal.  We are so thankful that we have 50 members who volunteer to teach in the many teaching ministries of the church. We have at least 34 different teaching opportunities. In reality these members are the back bone of the church.  We endeavor to continue adding to the opportunities that our members have to teach others the Word of God.  Some of our teaching ministries include:

  • 12 children Sunday school classes         
  •  Junior church
  • 3 youth Sunday School classes
  • 3 Adult Sunday School classes        
  • 7 Saturday Bible Clubs       
  • 3 Wednesday children classes 
  •  3 Weekly home fellowship Bible Studies·        
  •  Ladies Meeting    
  •  Men’s prayer meeting teaching

The workers at the restaurant mentioned to me that it was nice that we had a dinner for the whole church.  I mentioned to them that these were only those in the church who are teachers.  Their jaw dropped in amazement as they said in their church they didn’t have but one or two who were willing to teach.

Truly it is a blessing to serve God with those who desire to fulfill the great commission!

Some of the teachers
Mr. Kosgei and son Ian
Mrs. Kosgei and daughter Joy

Enjoying the food

Tuesday, August 9, 2016


Recently several of our men led by Pastor Justus Oloo traveled to Burundi to conduct a two day choir clinic/ music seminar. The seminar was held in Bujumbura, Burundi and was attended by members of several churches in DRCongo along with the host church the Bible Baptist Church of Bujumbura, Burundi.

Most here in Africa have been so greatly influenced by their own culture, the charismatic movement and the world when it comes to the music in their churches that often times when you visit a church you can tell little difference between the church and the dance hall. 

When we began the churches in DRCongo and Burundi we made the decision that we would not use musical instruments until the time the people began having a basic understanding of Biblical music.  Over time we have slowly begun using instruments in a way that promotes Godliness and not worldliness.

Pastor Oloo was able to teach part of a course that we teach in the Bible College concerning Godly music as we continue to lay the foundation for strong Biblical music in our churches.  Bro. George Mbugua, who leads our choir in the Grace Bible Baptist Church, accompanied him and together along with the assistance of a few others, were able to teach some good, Godly, doctrinal songs to be used by their church choirs.

Pastor Oloo, Pastor Kambi (Burundi) and bro. George Mbugua
This outreach into DRCongo and Burundi is part of our missions program, Grace to the Regions Beyond.  We are thankful for the sacrifice of our people in both their giving and their willingness to go to difficult places like Burundi.  In part because of that sacrifice there is a church in Burundi that desires to be Biblical in their music. 

Group picture

                                                 Practicing a song
                               (Listen closely- you might hear a goat singing along with the choir)

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

July-August 2016 Prayer Letter

I applied for our work permit renewal in January in anticipation for it to be ready when our current one expired in March.  Unfortunately when March came the work permit was not ready.  Since that time I have made numerous trips to the immigration department in Nairobi and to my dismay I am now told they can’t find my file.  I was asked to write a letter of complaint so that they could begin an official investigation to find my file!.  Please make this issue a matter of prayer.  I do not believe that there is any trouble in the permit being issued, it is just a matter of disorganization.  Unfortunately not having the permit has added to us the additional burden and cost of staying in the country on tourist visas.  It has also made it impossible for me to travel to Congo and Burundi as those countries will not issue me with a visa because the status of my Kenyan permit. 

The situation in South Sudan seems to be going from bad to worse.  In the past few days fighting has erupted in the capital city Juba, between forces aligned with the president against forces aligned with the vice president.  As is the case many times in Africa the fighting has taken on a tribal influence.  Just in the last two days several hundred citizens have been killed.  If things continue as they have over the last few days then a civil war is imminent.  The Peter Kosgei family is in the process of going to South Sudan as missionaries but the turmoil in the country keeps delaying our plans.  We still plan, Lord willing, to take another survey trip to South Sudan later this year. Please keep this issue a matter of urgent prayer.

The Bible College ministry is a vital part of our training program for both those called into the ministry and to strengthen the churches with members who can handle the Word of God properly.   The college has now been in existence for eighteen years and we have seen much fruit and believe that it is “fruit that will remain”.  We often have guest lectures travel from the United States to teach a class or two.  We would like to give an open invitation to any Pastors, Assistant Pastors, or any others who are skilled in handling the Word of God to come over and help us.  The classes meet during the months of April, August and December.  It would require a week of your time and you would teach in the “block” format.  It would be a blessing to both the teacher and the learner.  Please contact me for any additional information.

May-June 2016 Prayer Letter

In May both Amanda and Timothy graduated from Heartland Baptist Bible College. Timothy graduated with a major in Missions and Amanda graduated with a dual major in Elementary Education and Missions.  Timothy will be attending graduate school for the next two years and Amanda has been hired by the Lighthouse Baptist Church in Theodore, Alabama, to teach second grade in their Christian school.  As an added blessing Amanda was named Valedictorian of her class with a 4.0 GPA. We are thrilled that all of our children love God and desire to serve Him. 

Two days after graduation Timothy married the young lady God had prepared for him.  It was a blessing to watch how God brought them together during Timothy’s senior year. We are excited to welcome Amanda into the family and look forward to seeing what God has in store for them as they continue to seek His will.

We had a wonderful first term session in the Bible College. I am more convinced today then ever before that we need to continue expanding our efforts to see people properly trained in the doctrines of the Bible. With almost forty churches sending students to the college, we are able to have a vast influence in seeing that Kenyan churches have properly trained believers.  As an added blessing, we had our highest attendance yet in our deaf branch of the college with twelve students.

Amanda receiving her diploma

Timothy receiving his diploma

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Mickey